Enter The Brook Metaverse.

The Brook Metaverse is launching in late 2022. Get in with early access NFT tokens.

      The Notorious B.I.G. VIP Token NFT’s

      Welcome to The Notorious B.I.G.’s official NFT collection. The collection gives you early access* to the Brook Metaverse and opens exclusive utilities in and around the experience.

      What is The Brook Metaverse?

      The Brook transports you to an immersive virtual world defined by culture and driven by hip hop heritage – spanning generations, social climates, fashion, style, entertainment and now the future of tech.

      It is a gamified virtual experience that takes you back in time to the streets of 90’s Brooklyn and straight into the world of one of the greatest MC’s of all time – The Notorious B.I.G. Step into his world and experience old school Brooklyn and the roots of hip hop-culture in a way you’ve never imagined. You’ll also have a front-row seat at gigs and events organized in The Brook.

      The Brook Metaverse is a browser-based experience that runs on all computers with a basic wireless connection.

      NFT Utilities

      + Right to early access* to the Brook – free of charge (one ticket)
      + Guaranteed right to buy early access – tickets for later content drops
      + Exclusive future merch drops
      + Right to buy exclusive B.I.G collector NFTs – that are 3D models of special items in the Metaverse


      You can access The Brook Metaverse either by owning an exclusive early access NFT or by buying a ticket from Ticketmaster. Tickets will go on sale at a later date.